Commissioner Michele Ferrara will be back soon


“It is with great pleasure that I inform my readers of the publication in July of my new Thriller” Sangue sul Chianti “which marks the return after six years of Commissioner Michele Ferrara protagonist in the series that began with Scarabeo” A Florentine  Death ”published all over the world together with the others. I take this opportunity to thank the Fratelli Frilli Editori I have chosen for their passion, attention and great care in the management of the works.  Thank you so much!  See you soon on the occasion of the presentations. “(Michele Giuttari)

Fratelli Frilli Editori about Michele Giuttari: “Michele Giuttari is an exquisite person.  I met him about ten years ago.  In love with his writing and his novels, I had the opportunity to invite a series of authors to a review within the Festa del PD in Genoa.  I picked up the phone and found a polite person as well as very helpful despite his moment of great ascent.  He immediately put me at ease, a rare gift.  At the end they took part in the exhibition with his lady and we ended up at my father’s stand eating farinata and cheese focaccia with a good white wine.  A few weeks ago the phone call from him.  For his return to writing he had chosen us”